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Impact of Technology on Social Media Marketing

Impact of Technology on Social Media Marketing

Technology has revolutionized business in all dimensions. It has not only made businesses more efficient but has also made them more challenging. Social media technologies have changed the face of marketing. If we look at the marketing gambit, social media rules the arena.

Social media marketing has brought tremendous changes for marketers. The marketing process is now advanced, done with a lot of effort, deliberation, and technology is used as a force multiplier. Social media has quickly evolved as a reliable platform for many brands. It markets a brand and provides a forum for discussion, reviews, and knowing what consumers want.

Evolution of Media vs. Social Media

social media vs media

Social media emerged out of the sheer desire of humans to foster personal connection at a large scale. Digital technology helped in achieving the aim. What began as a private socializing platform evolved as a marketing hub.

Marketing has been explored since the days of TV and billboards. But with social media technologies, a revolution of successful social media campaigns arose. Advancing technology allowed the use of mobile phones, which has been the biggest game-changer in many years.

Understanding Functions of Advertising on Social Media

Social media platforms provide a range and depth of audience. You will find potential customers in every niche on this platform and make it the best advertisement platform. With social media technologies, brands can target the right customers for their business.

Social media is used to deliver all kinds of content. It enables you to showcase your site and convert leads into customers. Be it posts, videos, or a survey – all types of promotions work well on social media. All advertisements need to be included with CTA.

Social Media and Use of Technology

social media technologies

Social media technologies have revolutionized the marketing field and communication channels. Technology advocates itself in many forms, such as messaging apps, groupware, video conferencing, interactive messaging boards, and online chats. Here are a few ways in which technology is changing social media marketing

1. Communication

Cell phones are extensively used for social media sites; users spend hours on social media sites for information, entertainment, and shopping. People have opted out of the old modes of communication. Social media messaging is now extensively used for contact with friends and family. In addition, it is also used for business communication and marketing products.

A smartphone can do much more than its rudimentary invention value. Social media technologies and the amalgamation of apps have set new trends in shopping and marketing products. It also includes group chatting and text messaging. It is convenient to create a video or audio and upload it on social media. The use of high-quality pictures and advertisements has also increased many folds in the social media platform.

2. CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management System is an effective tool for marketers. It allows faster, better, and easier interaction across social media channels. With the help of this technology, social media marketing can be automated, organized, and synchronized. CRM assists all sales actions along with marketing and technical support to customers.

The most effective ability of CRM is to identify, measure and monitor performance across multichannel. The technology also provides valuable metrics for successful social media campaigns. In addition, CRM helps provide customer data along with marketing information.

3. Influencer Marketing

No wonder influencer marketing is playing a vital role in brand promotion; influencers are pivots in brand building on social media. Influencers are well-known personalities who have a good following. High-profile brands use these influencers for marketing their product on different mediums, including social media. Social media technologies offer influencers new methods and advanced techniques to communicate with their audiences.

Apart from celebrities, other social media influencers have made a mark. These influencers have established themselves on their content ability. In some cases, they gain followers through the proper use of technology. Moreover, the influence of technology on social media plays a vital role in content promotion. Slowly influencer marketing is dominating the ad world. Word of mouth marketing is considered the most effective form of marketing. It creates trust and also a small loyal user community.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Market algorithms are created using AI, and social media is the primary platform for advertising and marketing. Market algorithms have changed; systems now consider demographic profiles and user interest on social media platforms. It also changes the way marketing trends are set in. It now focuses on the target audience rather than a generic marketing campaign.

With social media ads on Instagram and Facebook, marketers can target audiences in a specific location. In addition, they also have a levy to target particular genders and people with particular interests. AI technology has the power to look at the social media profile before targeting the user. It creates a pattern where only the right audience is targeted. If there are leads provided, AI also retargets certain users.

5. IT Sector

Social media has been instrumental in changing many sectors, especially the Information Technology (IT) Sector. Social media technologies are structuring the IT system to revolve around the content people prefer. The content is generated based on the leads and traffic generated on social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can suppress ads or promote ads based on their schedule. Many times, these platforms have been accused of running specific agendas or biased opinions. Even in marketing, particular ads are having a chunk of share.

6. Security and Privacy

The easiest way to get information about any person is by social media. Social media is considered a hackers’ delight. Reports indicate that more than 600000 Facebook accounts are hacked daily.

Hackers use targeting techniques like phishing, social spam, and link jacking to control any account. Most celebrity accounts are targeted on social media – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Privacy and security are the biggest concerns for users. Even social media companies are concerned about security and account hacking. These companies spend billions of dollars to ensure security on their site. Technology is the only way out to ensure security on social media accounts. With the integration of newer techniques, social media platforms will have robust security for their users.

Future of Technology in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing trends involve addressing market demands with the up-gradation of technology. It aims to address the needs of heterogeneous groups with brand awareness. It also encourages customers to post their content as it promotes customer loyalty. The main focus is to create technology that focuses on content creation.

Future marketing trends will include using Virtual Reality (VR) with Augmented Reality (AR). VR and AR have a massive scope in marketing. Many companies are adopting these technologies in their marketing strategies. In the future, audiences will get a natural feel of the product before buying it. Social media can be the hub of user experience using AR and VR technology.

Blockchain is another technology that can be practiced in marketing. Blockchain data cannot be altered or modified, making it a secure mode of interaction. Transactions on the blockchain are verified, and the identity of the user remains anonymous. In marketing, blockchains provide transparency and trust.

Future of Social Media

In the future social media will play an essential role in developing business models. Social media marketing will be upgraded with newer technologies. Businesses that will fail to keep pace with technology will be on the brink of extinction. Brands will create trends across social media to build audiences. In addition, we will see community-driven branding and marketing on social media.

Premium social media services will gravitate to deliver personalized content. Privacy will be a concern, and new technologies will come into play to address users’ privacy. In addition, the inclusion of exclusive paid service on popular platforms will also be used to drive the elite class. Social media marketing will face challenges to address changing demands while keeping the brand value intact.


In the coming years, social media marketing will be powered by new technologies. We will see the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality in marketing trends. All technologies will orbit around social media somehow; Facebook and Instagram will remain as primary stakeholders, with other platforms gaining considerable visibility.

Consumers are looking for innovative ideas and a good experience on social media with brands. Technology has the power to influence social media and will continue to do so in the future.

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