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How do You Work as a Social Media Account Advertising Manager?

How do You Work as a Social Media Account Advertising Manager?

With almost every individual owning a social media handle, it has become clear that social media is a platform with many marketing potentials. You can advertise your products to the right audience at the most opportune time. But, there are many social media platforms that customers expect you to stay active in. Also, any mistake you make on social media will probably haunt your brand forever. So, it is better to hire social media manager to do the job.

Many companies are now recognizing the need for using a social media accounts manager to handle their accounts. If you wonder if it is the right job for you, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss the various aspects of the job and point out the skills you need to become successful in the field.

Responsibilities of a Social Media Advertising Manager

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You might think that being the person responsible for social advertisement for the brand is excellent. In reality, you will be juggling between various activities at the same time. It is not the same as spending most of your day staring at your Instagram feed.

You have to make sure that every post your team creates resonates with the brand identity. And that it helps promote the product/service you are trying to sell.

Generally, you can expect to have the following responsibilities:

1. Content Management

This is a given for social media advertisers. The best way to advertise your brand is through content that describes your brand. For example, posts promoting blogs, e-books, and other such materials. As a social media accounts manager, you are responsible for scheduling and deploying the content created at the right time.

2. Community Management

Your team will probably be handling all the comments your brand receives on various channels. But, it is your job to allot specific remarks to the concerned department/specialist. Social media can be the best way of knowing what the customer expects from your brand.

3. Campaign Management

A social media advertising manager must work closely with the marketing team to deploy social media marketing campaigns at the right time. They must be aware of all the product launches and plan to create awareness on social media platforms.

4. Creative Team Management

Social ads should always have the best possible design. So, the social media managers should brief the creative team about what the strategy demands them to create, and they should act as the anchor that aligns them with the process.

5. Influencer Management

In social media advertising, influencer marketing is an effective marketing tactic. Your job is to find and manage influencers that genuinely suit your brand. The responsibilities also include reposting influencer content on your page and driving engagement towards your influencers and products.

6. Creating Reports

Reports help you identify the weak areas in your social media marketing strategy. As a social media accounts manager, you must create reports of all your social media marketing efforts. For example, generating a report of how a campaign performed among your audience.

7. Social Listening

You will be responsible for finding the trending news in your niche. Or sometimes, even things unrelated to your niche might help you gain an audience.

8. Providing Feedback

Since you oversee every social media activity of your brand, you are responsible for providing the necessary feedback. For instance, you can suggest an idea that your creative team can use in the future content they create.

However, sometimes your company can expect you to do the creative content as well. So, you should always read the job description for social media managers carefully.

Skills That Make Excellent Social Media Ads Managers

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We all know that there is so much to social media advertising than just posting stuff about your products. This blog section will list all the necessary skills of an excellent social media advertising manager.

1. Writing Skills

Even though the creative team handles creating social media content copy, sometimes you might need to take on their work. Social media managers must have proficient writing skills to write short and captivating social media captions.

2. Editing Skills

Your social media posts speak for your brand. So, you must make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typos in the social media copies. These minor errors will not only affect your brand reputation but also your customer engagement. 

Another kind of editing that is a necessity is video editing skills. Video marketing is a revenue magnet in the digital promotion of products. Hence, you must be able to edit videos quickly in case your regular editor is unavailable.

3. Graphic Design

Social media ads managers must be proficient in creating designs that convey a specific message. You must equip yourself with Photoshop, InDesign, and CorelDRAW for companies to consider you a suitable candidate. If you are not directly responsible for designing the post/ad, you will communicate with the graphic designer differently.

If you submerge yourself in social media for the better part of the day, you will know that all brand pages hop on to the latest trends. They refer to the currently trending topics to sell their product. This is an effective social media advertising strategy to drive traffic and engagement. Hence, you must quickly pick up the pop trends and relate them to your brand in an intuitive way.

5. Organization Skills

Your social media posts must align perfectly with your marketing goals. For that to happen, you must have organization skills to effectively schedule the content calendar. Without proper planning, social media marketing becomes very inefficient.

6. Business Knowledge

Social media managers need to have a clear understanding of the business workflow. The person in charge must understand the overall objective of the business and convey it through social ads and posts. Even the comments you make on social media should reflect your brand’s voice and not your own.

7. Data Analysis Skills

As a social media accounts manager, you must find the performance of different posts that you made. Using those metrics, you must arrive at some kind of conclusion that rates the success of your campaigns. This skill also lets you reach affordable social media management methods.

8. Stress Handling Skills

This is one of the most important skills if you want to be a manager of any sort. Especially when someone comments terribly about your brand, you shouldn’t take it personally. You must work on ways to respectfully address that comment.

You must also set boundaries and set rules for someone else to take over the job in your absence. Most of the time, being social media manager means working even on the weekend. With training, you can find the optimal work-life balance that doesn’t cause you mental stress.

Social Media Advertising Manager Job Description

A typical social media manager advertisement will have detailed descriptions of what your responsibilities are. However, the title can also deliver crucial information. For example, “Social Media Manager (Facebook and LinkedIn management).” If you are looking to hire, you should also always specify your years of experience. 

The next part of the job description for social media managers must have a job summary. This is the part where you should speak in the voice of your brand. When a candidate reads your text, they will picture the brand talking about the position and not a person. Hence, make sure you speak amicably about how the candidate’s responsibilities impact the organization. 

Furthermore, you can add detailed duties and responsibilities of a social media accounts manager. For instance, you can specify if you need the person to have a certification in the relevant skill.

Ways to Become Successful Social Media Managers

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You can learn anything if you have a proper internet connection with you. The same applies to becoming a social media manager, and the following are some methods of becoming one yourself.

  1. Online courses
  2. Certificate-based courses
  3. Training programs
  4. Internships
  5. Apprenticeship

Of course, there are many other methods of becoming a social media manager. But, these methods will let you have a clear path towards success.


Many assume that being a social media manager would be a fun job to do with minimal work. In fact, social media managers work without a break in most companies. However, now you know that whatever you enjoy seeing on the internet is not a random post but a carefully planned marketing strategy in action. The lack of resources is the leading cause for this to happen.

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