Skills That Can Help Take Your Side Hustle Dreams to a Prosperous Reality

Skills That Can Help Take Your Side Hustle Dreams to a Prosperous Reality

We all dream about becoming independent, earning money on our terms, our schedule. If you have an appetite for content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), or even public relations, side hustles await! There are skills to help you earn your side hustle. Step one is to become as familiar as possible with the skills necessary. From there, you can build up a repertoire that will let you stand on your own and even rely on your side hustle as primary income over time.

top side hustle skills to learn

Regardless of what you are looking for, check out the following list and choose a method that fits into your skillset and time availability. When you could be making money, why sit around and scroll through social media?

Writing for SEO

One of the best side hustle skills to learn is writing for SEO. The whole purpose of SEO writing is to create content that, when folks go to a search engine, they will organically come across. Content is king in the search engine game. When you have a side that has loads of quality content, odds are that you will rank higher in the search results. The content needs catering around specific keywords; it needs to address questions that folks seek out.

If you have a series of articles on a website that are all around one particular topic, you become an expert in that space in the eyes of a search engine. SEO writing is a side hustle skill that, once you acquire it, can open up many doors for you now and in the future.

Basic Website Creation

Another of the common skills for a side hustle is the ability to create websites with the most common content management systems on the back-end. Think about how many sites are out there on the Internet that has a back-end and a front-end made up of WordPress technology. You can use the WordPress content management system to create and publish a great-looking web page in just a few days. You can even have a custom design template put together that speaks to the brand of whatever you are pushing.  

Think about how many small businesses are out there and want to make their name heard. When you have a side hustle skill of basic website created with WordPress, you can work to set up websites for these clients in no time at all. You can then package it up with your SEO writing skills and you’re off to the races.

Picking Up Skills in the UX Design Space

Do you know the difference between web design and UX? UX is all about the user experience. A great SEO side hustle to pick up over time is the ability to execute a successful UX process. The UX design process is different than web design in that you are building with the basis of feedback from users. A web designer will make a page look just as they are told by the requestor. The UX designer will instead build a page to solve a problem or meet a need.

A UX expert is going to work to conduct interviews, listen to users, and create a product that will address a current gap that exists. It is never too late to get your skill set going in the UX space. It requires immense planning, data-driven analysis, and communication skills. With all of this in place, you have the ability to design beautiful products that meet a need of a client, instead of just building or designing to the specs they provide.

Designing Graphics

One of the best skills to learn for a side hustle is that of a graphic designer. Think about all of the visuals that you see online on any given day. There are graphics that are put together for social media posts, news stories, web pages, and much more.  

 Graphic designers are in high demand and it is a great SEO side hustle because of the need they serve. Sure, you can use free images and design templates all day, but it is not going to help you move up the search engine rankings or have a unique look and feel to your content.  

If you have the need to help people better understand the message you are portraying, then a custom graphic is the way to get it across. Graphic designers can work on blog post visuals, covers to books, presentations, infographics, social media posts, labels, banners, logos, and so much more. A graphic designer is always in high demand as there is always content that can benefit from a new visual attached to it.

Working With Google Ads

Do you have a good handle on how to generate revenue from a website? Google Ads is something that is still a foreign topic to so many people. A great SEO skill to have is that of just knowledge, working knowledge of Google Ads as a platform.

There is a lot of benefits to setting up pay-per-click advertising. Businesses want the ability to get to the top of search engine rankings. They want to target customers in an organic way. Sometimes, though, they fail and they need to advertise to strike the balance. This is where Google Ads comes into play.

One of the great skills that help you earn your side hustle is learning Google Ads to help generate interest in a product or service, as well as to generate revenue for a site.

Social Media Management

How many hours a day do you spend on social media? Social media platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. When you are on there, do you ever think of them as a potential way to have a profitable side hustle ongoing? If not, you should! There is so much that you can deliver in terms of messages on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and more  

There is a big learning curve, though, to creating content for social media. Social media management and social content creation are some of the best side hustle skills to learn. They are always evolving, always in high demand, and can bring forth a nice return.

Answering Surveys Online

Companies must embrace online paid surveys as a new strategy to grow their business. Many of the world’s major corporations perform market research for items that are already on the market and those that are still in development.

The idea is that producers need to know what potential buyers are thinking in order to swiftly determine the following steps, such as which features can be included in products and which components require greater attention when displayed in advertisements as a kind of marketing promotion.

Why do you need to be compensated for participating in a survey? Companies must perform extensive research and analysis to determine whether the products they introduce will be successful in the marketplace. This is significant because thorough planning yields the best results compared to doing anything based on assumptions and the spur of the moment.

Now is the time to begin to not only build up your skillset but also your network that you can rely on overtime. There is a lot of opportunity in the side hustle space. When you think about content creation, search engine optimization, and more, it is all around influence. If you want to start to take your side hustle seriously, take it to the next level, go check out TheExpertCafe and make a difference from today and onward.

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