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11 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021 and Doubling Down on SEO 2022

11 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021 and Doubling Down on SEO 2022

SEO has been the talk of the town for so long now. Almost every business performs SEO to try and improve their content’s visibility. From building links to strategically placing keywords, you must have tried it all. However, you must keep in mind that SEO strategies are constantly changing. Also, Google’s search engine ranking algorithm is updated regularly. So, you must know what the SEO myths are and the future of SEO.

In this blog, we will discuss some basics like what is SEO and then go In this blog, we will discuss some basics like what SEO is and then go into the details of the new changes in SEO that you should be aware of.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is abbreviated as SEO. It is a method for improving your website’s search engine ranking. When visibility increases, the traffic to your website naturally increases. People seldom go above the first page of Google search results, which is why businesses in 2021 will compete by adopting SEO.

What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

SEO services are services provided by a company to optimize your website’s content to rank higher in search engine results. They have specialists that know exactly what SEO is and how it works.

By opting for an SEO agency, you can access professionals in the area without hiring them permanently.

Let’s take a look at what SEO services should include:

Search Engine Optimization Services
  1. SEO Audit.
  2. Competitor analysis.
  3. Custom strategy.
  4. Off-page optimization.
  5. On-page optimization.
  6. Monthly reports.
  7. Progressive optimization.
  8. Technical SEO.

Here, take a look at the term ‘progressive optimization.’ This means continuous collaboration with the agency. SEO 2021 strategies might not be suitable for SEO 2022. This is why you constantly work with the agency to keep your SEO on track. Not everyone can do that, and many newbies cannot differentiate between SEO myths and facts, which is another reason you choose wisely. Want to know all the SEO myths (2021)? Keep reading.

Eleven SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2021

SEO Myths to leave behing in 2021

SEO myths are everywhere. So, it becomes essential for a marketer to understand what’s true and what’s not. Take a look at the following myths that many people still believe in 2021:

1. SEO is Dead

No, it is absolutely not dead. SEO is still relevant. And this is one of the SEO myths that pop up every time Google updates its algorithm. However, it is true that the answer to the question, “What is an SEO plan?” will change every time. Coz, you need to optimize your strategy according to suit the new algorithm.

2. Do Once and Forget About SEO

To have sustainable results, you must invest in SEO constantly. You cannot expect the same SEO strategy that succeeded one time to last for a lifetime. When you do not experience profitable results, it is time to update your SEO and drop it all at once.

3. Keyword Research is Irrelevant

Keyword research may not be the most effective SEO technique to organically rank your webpage. But, they still impact your SEO ranking, and it is crucial for traffic and conversions.

The changes in SEO must consider the intent of the person searching for the keyword instead of just integrating the keyword because it is the same subject area as your content.

4. Meta Tags Do Not Matter

Using short meta descriptions might not impact your SEO directly. But they do have the power to improve traffic to your website. This is the first glimpse of your webpage that a user gets. So, you better make it worth their time by including short descriptions of what your webpage is about. Within those 160 characters, you can show your creativity and marketing talent to attract many customers.

Backlinks are the ones that create organic traffic for your website. But, you must be careful about from whom you get the backlinks. Google looks for the number of backlinks and checks the reputation of the website offering you backlinks. So, focus on better quality backlinks instead of the number.

6. Posting Content Daily is Good

If you post quality content daily, it is suitable for your brand value. However, SEO rankings begin to decline if you post spun content that adds no value to the end-user. You should immediately drop this kind of practice as Google algorithms become more competent to provide more value to the end-user.

These SEO myths in 2021 significantly impact your search engine rankings if you follow them. So, it is time for you to switch to newer methods and understand the facts behind every SEO success story.

7. An XML Sitemap Isn’t Necessary

Have you installed the XML Sitemaps generator on your WordPress website? Is it possible to boost your search engine rankings using a sitemap? Even if it isn’t the most important component in your rankings, an XML sitemap is essential to create a crawlable site.

The XML sitemaps generator will build an updated sitemap with your new pages and submit it to Google and other search engines each time you publish a new post or edit an old article.

A sitemap has no effect on the actual rankings of your web pages.

Sitemaps act as a guide for Google, providing more information about your site, such as ensuring that all of your URLs are indexed for simple indexing. Besides ensuring that it ranks rapidly, content marketing isn’t the cornerstone. When the URLs are prioritized, a sitemap might eventually lead to higher visibility for your website. That is not, however, a guarantee.

You should also install the XML Sitemaps generator on your WordPress site right now if you haven’t previously. It’s hard to say whether your rankings will rise or fall. It will, however, aid Google in finding your fresh content more rapidly

If You Use Too Many Keywords, Your Organic Rankings Will Suffer

SEO experts and bloggers continuously argue over how many keywords are too many and if Google would penalize a website for over-optimization. The short answer is that it doesn’t matter how many keywords you have as long as they’re used naturally, and your content is quality.

The key to avoiding over-optimization is to include a variety of keywords in your text, such as:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Market-defining keywords
  • Branded keywords
  • Latent semantic indexing (LSI)
  • Product keywords
  • Geo-targeting
  • Customer-defining keywords
  • Short-tail keywords

What’s the bottom line? Instead of collecting keywords, concentrate on developing natural and beneficial content for your website visitors.

9. SEO Isn’t Affected by Social

While “likes” and “comments” on social media posts have no direct effect on your Google rankings, they do increase shares and engagement.

Social signals are generated through shares and interactions, and they may have a significant influence on SEO. Posting on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others has been proved to increase social impressions and organic click-through rates (CTR).

Let’s say you’re successful in getting more people to connect with your social media profiles. In such a situation, you’ll have a greater chance of attracting a wider audience via organic search and driving focused traffic to your website, resulting in higher CTR and impressions. See this social media study on SEO influence for more information.

10. Local SEO is No Longer Relevant

When a person searches for a product or service you supply in their local region, you want to appear in the search results. Those users may not find you if your site isn’t optimized for local search. This might result in a loss of conversions and potential revenue.

In fact, searchers looking for local information account for 46% of all searches, which is a large number of queries. If you haven’t already done so, consider going to Google My Company (GMB) and building a GMB page to boost your business profile on Google search and maps.

11. Image Optimization Isn’t Necessary

Google recognizes photographs based on file names and URLs, you’ll need to optimize your images.

As a general guideline, utilize photos that Google supports, which includes the following file types:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • SVG

Your images must be accessible as well, which involves the usage of alt text. If you include alt text, your photos will be accessible and understandable to those with eye impairments or other restrictions, as well as helping Google understand them.

Additionally, consider utilizing an image sitemap and HTML markup to assist Google in understanding your content so that your photos may be found in Google’s image search.

What is changing in SEO?

Things changing in SEO

Now let’s get into the exciting part where you should double down on these SEO trends in 2022. As a marketer, it must not be tough to adapt to new things. So, let’s start listing the things you must concentrate on for better SEO in 2022.

1. Mobile SEO

Leads from mobile searches dominate most website traffic, and ignoring mobile SEO is like willingly ignoring the majority of your target audience. The future of SEO is mostly about optimizing web pages and content for easy viewing on mobile devices.

As a marketer in 2022, you should keep an eye out for voice search trends. It is changing how we interact with the Google search engine. Also, many mobile users use voice search to perform quick browsing. Google is investing more and more in Natural Language Processing to understand conversations better. Meaning, you should optimize your website according to the voice search 2022 keywords and other factors in which the algorithm ranks your website.

3. User-driven content

As every marketer knows, listening to your customer is crucial for your growth. By integrating user-driven content in your SEO campaigns, you can provide quality content that addresses your user’s pain points. It can also help you find long-tail keywords which can push you to the top of the search engine rankings.

4. Video content

One of the significant changes in SEO apart from voice search SEO 2022 is video content. Customers trust businesses that provide more clarity about their products. And Google ranks web pages that embed their own videos. Hence, you must publish at least one video for the sake of your search engine rankings.

5. Core Web Vitals

Simply put, you need to optimize your website to simplify the user experience. You have to do some backend optimizations to improve the speed and response time of your website. So, if you offer better value to the end-user, your webpage will organically rank well.

The Future of SEO (2022)

These are not SEO myths but rather SEO facts you must include in your SEO campaigns for 2022. If you’re a marketer and struggle to add the right search engine optimization keywords to your SEO campaign, you should consider the voice search trends.

It’s the trend that’s here to stay. By investing in voice search SEO(2022), you can improve your SEO rankings and increase your traffic and conversions.

Moreover, since many consumers are using their mobile devices to search, mobile SEO is vital. So, optimize your website for mobile search, and you’ll be on your way to improving your SEO ranking and conversions.

You should be mindful when it comes to how you position yourself concerning customer expectations. The future of SEO(2022) is all about satisfying user needs, and you can use more user-generated content for the same reason.

This way, your business will be relevant to your users, and they will stay on your website for a longer duration. Also, if you’re not spending enough time on product or service reviews, you’ll miss out on a lot of organic traffic.

So, you should start doing this to ensure that you’re not losing out on traffic. And of course, you should be mindful of future trends and prepare your website accordingly.


Now that you know the SEO myths and the future of SEO, you have to start making well-informed decisions as a marketer. Investing in the proper channels will not only help you gain more traction but improve your revenue. In the end, it’s all about creating brand awareness and creating loyalty, isn’t it? So, it’s time you get started, and the future of SEO will be in your hands.

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