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Pinterest Predicts 2022: The Art + Science of Trendspotting

Pinterest Predicts 2022: The Art + Science of Trendspotting

Hopping on the right trends at the right moment is crucial for your digital marketing. Many marketers are not aware of the Pinterest platform and how Pinterest works. But, most of them know such a social media platform exists. And it has a highly collaborative environment. However, Pinterest is also popular for something known as ‘Pinterest Predicts.’ This feature, where Pinterest has been known to predict the future, is one of the most talked-about features on Pinterest. It allows users to predict the following significant trends.

It predicts the future of industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Home, Pets, Wellbeing, Auto, and many such sectors. According to the Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, 8 out of 10 trends predicted last year were accurate. This year, as well, they have listed their predictions for 2022. We will go deeper into Pinterest Predicts and how they can potentially help your business.

How Did Pinterest Start?

Initially, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra created an app called Tote, which was a shopping comparison app. It wasn’t a huge success, mainly because of how advanced it was for its time. However, both Silbermann and Sciarra understood that many users did use the app for its intended purpose. Furthermore, they used it as a way to save the products that they liked.

This eventually led to a genius idea to create an app that users can collect what they like. After several months of hard work, Pinterest was developed and was unique from the other social media platforms. It lets everyone share the things they genuinely like and uses the platform as a safe for all their collected images. From there, Pinterest has now five based on the report this gained a vast user base worldwide. It also focuses on AI-based image recognition and making the site even more helpful for users.

What Pinterest Does?

Pinterest is a place where you can find ideas for anything like recipes, designs, and even templates for resumes. It is a social media platform that gives users the ability to connect with others by sharing images and other things they are interested in.

The following are the most common categories Pinterest users can see: Fashion, Design, Lifestyle, Beauty, and Food. Most people have been using it for personalization, inspiration, and discovery.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Before we move on to the ‘Pinterest Predicts,’ let us understand how the platform works. When you visit the Pinterest website, you will see all the different categories it offers. Each of these categories has its own separate boards. These boards will find all the different pins that other users have shared.

An average user uses Pinterest to pin things they like and bookmark stuff they would like to check out later. Since there is a wide variety of categories, users from various backgrounds benefit from the platform. If we look at Pinterest for marketers, they have an entirely different purpose. Brands can now know what their target audience is showing interest in. However, the interest is very minimal, and it is only in the initial stages.

When enough users find your website as a reliable source, they Pin it. The more pins your website gets, the more visibility it gains on the social network. This further improves the traffic to your website.

Keyword research is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things marketers have to do daily. You must use Pinterest Trends whenever framing content for your website. Anyone living in the US, UK, and Canada can use the Pinterest Trends feature to find relevant keywords for the topic they want. You can see how each keyword performed over the last few months. As a marketer, this data will be helpful for you to frame content that efficiently leverages what the users are interacting with.

As we said earlier, most of what Pinterest Predicts says comes true. So, as a marketer, you must not ignore its benefits. There are so many ways you can ride this bandwagon:

1. Pinterest Predicts Weekly

Pinterest Predicts Weekly is an exciting tool that the platform offers for the business community. Under this section, you can find the Pinterest Predicts weekly trends. They are short snippets that talk about what’s trending in the community. It doesn’t confine itself to any category. Instead, it talks about everything from fashion to food.

2. Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest Predicts 2022 is a report with all trends expected to grow this year. It compiles a list of trends that haven’t started rising yet. The pandemic has rapidly changed the perception of the business world. People are more willing to try out new things in life. Hence, this year is expected to change a lot regarding what a customer expects from the brands.

When you open the Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, you will see industries. Under which there are subcategories. And under that, you will see what search terms/keywords are currently gaining popularity. For instance, under the Fashion category, Pearlcore is a subcategory that lists the terms like pearl gown, pearl necklace men, and other such keywords.

It also specifies how much the trend is expected to rise. According to the reports, pearl wedding decorations are expected to increase by 185%. Let’s see some top predictions for the home sector.

1. Rage Room

rage room pinterest

The series of lockdowns has led to better awareness of the mental health issues in a vast majority of the population. This has pushed people to include space in their houses to relieve stress and induce happiness. And incorporating that in homes is a trend expected to rise by 150%! Rage room does the former.

2. Tiny Library Room

tiny library room pinterest

Another room that is categorized under emotional escape rooms is the tiny library. Many people resorted to books during the lockdown for entertainment. That has pushed this trend where every home has a tiny library where one can focus on reading what they like. This particular trend is expected to rise 12 times the current popularity.

3. Round Pool Decking Ideas

round pool decking ideas pinterest

As we missed enjoying the summer last year and the one before that, pool decks are going to ensure that we don’t miss summer this year. Many people are searching for decking around pools to get that luxurious feel when you swim around in large swimming pools. This particular trend is expected to rise by 170%. 

4. Curved Wall Interiors

Curved wall interior pinterest

Yes! This year will be the year when we appreciate the beauty of curved interiors. Curved walls give the room a spacious appeal and give your interiors a luxurious look. If you are a marketer who works for an interior design agency, you must emphasize your campaign around this. Because according to Pinterest Predicts 2022, the trend will quadruple this year. 

5. Biophilic Architecture

biophilic architecture pinterest

Creating homes that incorporate natural lighting, ventilation, and landscapes will be significant in 2022. The expected growth rate of this trend is 150%! As millennials raise awareness about adhering to nature rather than disrupting it, the architecture industries are also moving towards that.

6. Staircase Garden

The empty space under the staircase is no longer going to be open because of the excellent initiative by the millennials to raise gardens under that area. You get to optimally use the extra space while also enhancing the look of your home. This idea is going to rise by 175%, according to the Pinterest Predicts 2022 report. 

7. Aphrodite Aesthetic Wallpaper

aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper pinterest

As more people focus on getting the aesthetic right, 2022 will only push that trend a bit further. Many people are already searching for Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper ideas to use for their homes. If you are still not promoting your Aphrodite wallpapers using this keyword, you are missing out! This ancient aesthetic trend is going to go by a whopping 180%. 

8. Greek Statue Art

greek art statue pinterest

Getting the aesthetics right will pique the interests of people. The Greek statue art is expected to rise to three times its current popularity and find its way in almost every home. 

9. Luxury Laundry Room Ideas

luxury laundry room ideas pinterest

Yes! Many people will bring luxury to the most unexpected parts of the house. According to Pinterest Predicts, this search term will rise 12 times its current popularity. That figure is itself enough to motivate a marketer. 

10. Luxury Garage Interior

luxury garage pinterest

Greasy-looking garages are a thing of the past. People are aiming to bring luxury into the garage interiors as well. Based on the report, this particular search term will gain 5 times its current audience! So, it will probably look like the ones from the James Bond franchise.


Pinterest Predicts is a great way to get your marketing campaign started for the year. However, these trends can change anytime over the year. So, make the best use of every resource available and do not limit yourself to Pinterest. Happy marketing!

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