Want to Make Money As A Content Creator?

Want to Make Money As A Content Creator?

“Content is anything that adds value to a reader’s life.”
Avinash Kaushik-Indian Entrepreneur, Author & Public Speaker

How to Make Money Through Freelancing?

This would perhaps be the most popular question amongst more professionals who wish to start freelance content writing, editing, copywriting, video editing, or content creation services. For those of us who feel extremely suffocated in our work environments, not knowing what we are doing in the first place or why we are working, freelancing seems to be a great option.

With the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns worldwide since 2020, the demand for going independent seems to have increased further. While the idea of going freelance looks extraordinarily romantic, and one may feel that one can easily make money as a freelancer, it is essential to remember that you are not the only one feeling so.

Going freelance as either a video editor, content editor, copywriter, content writer, or content creator are all great ideas, depending upon one’s personal interests and expertise; however, a word of caution, the non-achievers far outnumber the ones that can confidently say that they have achieved their goals in this field.

Having said that, there are many examples of people who have achieved success as freelancers and are enjoying all the benefits of being a freelancer:

how to make money freelancing
  • Earning handsome money
  • Flexibility to work from where you want when you want
  • Working on a diverse range of projects
  • They take only the work they want and reject it if they do not want to work on it.

First Things First, What’s The Difference Between Them All?

Video editor, content editor, copywriter, and content writer are the most popular and most sought-after to make money as a content creator. However, before we go any further, let us take a moment to understand in brief about each of these fields of specializations under the freelance umbrella:

  • Video Editor: Putting it in layman terms, they marry footage with audio, graphics, and other recorded materials to ship out a compelling output that usually impresses the audience. Video editors are majorly involved with video content, both during and post-production. In simple terms, they make money editing videos.
  • Content Editor: When it comes to technical and academic writing, the content editors help execute these contents. They are responsible for researching, proofreading, and publishing the technical content. Their works include manuals, guidebooks, handbooks, research ebooks, listicles, etc.
  • Copywriter: Content written for conversions, like advertisements, pamphlets, business and sales emails and pages, landing pages, etc., is usually written by copywriters.
  • Content Writer: Content writers are writers who create relevant and engaging content, mainly for online usage. Also sometimes referred to website content writers, writing blogs, articles, and other forms of web content is their way of making money from content creating. They are usually tech-savvy and need to be knowledgeable on keywords to help improve the content’s SEO ranking.

How To Make Money From Freelancing?

make money as freelancer

Whether you edit videos for money or work as a content creator, there are plenty of opportunities for freelance work. With the advancement of mobile and internet technology, the generation is more and more moving towards visual media as well, thus creating even more opportunities for how freelancers get paid.

Here’s a quick guide on how most content creators make money today:

  • Start Your Own Blog/Vlog Page/ YouTube Channel: While you may find many articles that say you can get paid to edit videos and content without creating your blog page, it is always best to create your own blog or Vlog page if you are serious about freelance content creation. Not only does it help you in lead generation, but it also helps build credibility and niche, gives you confidence as a content creator, and, in general, will keep you engaged too.
  • Identify Your Ideal Clients And Niche: The reality is that not every niche pays well, or every client is interested in your niche. While working on your portfolio, it helps to identify which are the niches that pay well and, at the same time, suit your skillsets. On this basis, you can also specify to the clients if they would be interested in content in that specific niche. An ideal client could be a startup or an established firm, a small business, or a large one. The client could even be a doctor or a lawyer. Make sure you choose well and according to your strengths. It helps to plan early and then build on your portfolio.
  • Create Your Portfolio: Remember how most stores decorate and showcase their products to attract window shoppers? Well, your portfolio would do just that for you. Not only will it help you build and showcase your credibility and niche, but it is also a great way to share your work with prospects to get them to take you and your work seriously.
  • Go Social: Social media is a great way to market yourself and your work. The simple thumb rule is that the more social you are on social media, the higher your chances to find work. Another great thing about social media is that it also helps if you follow others who have already made a name for themselves in your niche. Besides sharing your work, it is also essential to share a bit about yourself on social media so that the clients can see a bit more of you there. Be regular and be active, and the results are bound to come your way.

How Much Money Do Content Creators Make?

So, if you are wondering exactly how much money a content creator makes, the answer is highly subjective. The earnings largely depend upon the kind of name one has established in the market, the years of experience one carries, and the type of network one has built for oneself.

As a beginner, if you actively look for assignments online and through friends, you can expect to make an average earning of around ₹10000-20000/- a month. With more experience and a better network build, this number could increase to ₹30000-40000/- a month.

Freelancers into video editing make money anywhere in the range of ₹1000 to ₹2000 per hour, depending upon their experience, expertise, and network.

Remember how to make money editing videos or writing, while it sounds easy, it takes a lot of time and expertise in that field. You need to be patient during your early days while keeping yourself engaged and motivated. Churn out excellent quality content regularly.

Even if your content and video editing earn little money or don’t generate any revenue initially, it is still good as they will help you build credibility, talent, and niche. So here’s to happy freelancing to make money.

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