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Best Halloween Social Media Posts By Digital Agencies

Best Halloween Social Media Posts By Digital Agencies

They say that digital agencies never let any opportunity slip by without utilizing the same to showcase their talents and creativity. Halloween day, celebrated on the 31st of October every year, is perhaps one such opportunity when we can see some of the best Halloween social media campaigns published across the globe.

Be it Facebook or Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, Pinterest or even LinkedIn, come Halloween week and one can find Halloween social media campaigns scattered everywhere. Be it through ghastly visuals or monstrous wordplay, digital agencies leave no stones unturned to create their Halloween social media posts.

Staying true to the spirit of the festival season, let’s have a look at the top 7 Halloween-themed social media posts that not only made a mark on the social media but also on the viewers’ minds.

1. Burger King: Scary Clown Night

Be it marketers, or business leaders, or even the consumers, no one could have missed this brilliant multi-format campaign for Burger King by LOLA MullenLowe to turn a much-loved Joker into a creepy monster and mark a lasting impression. In fact, some even claim that Burger King is actually taking a dig at the mascot of their closest competition, McDonald’s.

Shot deep into the night, with creepy jokers and even creepier music all around, this brilliant Burger King social media Halloween post definitely made a lasting impression.

With the message communicating that the first 500 guests visiting select stores in the US dressed as a clown even get a free Whopper, they definitely served a hit to their customers.

2. Blue Fountain Media: Spooky Season Playlist

Here’s a happy Halloween Instagram post that would have even spooked the spooky. Encapsulating the season’s mood, Blue Fountain Media capitalized on technology to make consumers scan their posts using Spotify to get access to their cool and scary Halloween playlist.

With brilliant use of simplicity and eye-catching colors, Blue Fountain Media took these Halloween posts for Instagram to an altogether new spooky level. With a combination of spooky sounds and Halloween hits, their curated playlist offered something for every ardent Halloween fan. With Blue Fountain Media’s spooky playlist for company, let’s take the monsters head-on.

3. Target: Tag And Treat

Here’s an outstanding happy Halloween Facebook post that would make even the staunch fashionistas take notice. A great example of how social media can be used to engage customers, Target used customer-created Halloween-themed content to gain success.

Going beyond images, Target challenged its customers to create their costume aisle strut and share the post tagging one of their friends to accept the challenge. In order to get featured on Target’s campaign video, all they needed to do is to use #TagAndTreat. Post this campaign, everyone would agree that eerie is not always equal to worry.

4. Heart And Stroke Foundation: The Undead Video

This definitely ain’t for the week-hearted, or is it specifically for them? Perhaps one of the most innovative and one of the most evergreen campaigns from the past, this spine-chilling video by Agency 59 truly manages to communicate humor and learning to its viewers.

Besides creating awareness about the importance of learning CPR using an absolute horror theme, this multi-platform campaign that included Halloween posts for Facebook also set a new Canada-US record for mass CPR training in a day. Created for Hear and Stroke Foundation, an NGO working on preventing strokes and other heart diseases, this commercial definitely is a must-watch from amongst all Halloween messages for Facebook.

5. Lounge Lizard Worldwide: Dylan’s Candy Bar Website

Here’s an example of work done for a client that also doubles up as a greeting for Halloween as well as a brilliant social media promotion for the brand. One of the leading agencies that specialize in building websites, Lounge Lizard Worldwide used one of their featured work for Dylan’s candy bar website to generate social media milage as well.

What was so special about this Halloween Instagram post? The key was just a simple image of candies positioned in such a way that it looked like a couple of eyes and a finger cut from the body, a perfect fit for Halloween.

6. Airbnb: Night At Dracula’s Castle

Here is yet another Halloween Facebook post idea for the ages to come. What can an online marketplace for lodging, boarding, and homestay do for Halloween? Well, they get you an opportunity to win a chance to spend a night at Dracula’s castle.

In this 2016 campaign, Airbnb in their Halloween Facebook post, dared its customers to sleep a night in the Bran Castle in order to stand a chance to spend a night at Dracula’s castle and sleep in the velvet-clad coffins, just as Dracula loved to sleep. The icing on the cake- a couple gets their flight tickets and stay in the Father of all horror show’s castle on Halloween night.

7. AVX Digital: Cool Halloween Pictures For Facebook

Using Facebook Halloween pictures over multiple days just before Halloween on 31st October, AVX Digital ensures communicating its Happy Halloween message to all its customers and clients alike who follow them on their social media.

Keeping their Halloween social media idea clean and simple, they have used images of some of the most common Halloween props like pumpkins in images to welcome this celebration of horror. The signature stroke through us the use of a dog clad completely with a white cloth to create a ghost to wish everyone a happy Halloween. It’s simple, it’s cute and more importantly, it serves its purpose to the point.

Originally popularised in a poem, the concept of Haloween originates from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Deriving its name from “Hallow” meaning a holy person, Haloween is actually a celebration of the night before the All-Saints Day on 1st November.

Given the tradition and the importance of Halloween, it is but natural for digital agencies and brands to capitalize on the occasion and use it to showcase their creativity while communicating their brand message to their customers and followers on social media. With some brilliant Halloween ideas already aired in the past many years, here’s hoping the campaigns in the future would continue the legacy called Halloween and Halloween social media campaigns.

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