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How to Use Data as a Service (DaaS) In Marketing Analysis For B2B Marketers?

How to Use Data as a Service (DaaS) In Marketing Analysis For B2B Marketers?

Using cloud-based solutions greatly simplifies and modernizes a business’s functions. As a result, the benefits of cloud services are luring several companies across the globe. One such service, DaaS (Data as a Service), is becoming increasingly popular among industries that thrive on data.

The DaaS solution aids in data incorporation, administration, quality analysis, and safe storage, plus it also comes with attractive benefits that improve the agility of business operations. In this blog, we will brief you on how you can use DaaS tools for marketing analysis.

What is Data as a Service (DaaS)?

Simply put, DaaS is a data management strategy that makes data remotely accessible to stakeholders and other parties involved. An example similar to DaaS is SaaS (Software as a Service). However, SaaS solutions prevent the need to download the software locally. At the same time, DaaS preclude the need for data storage, integrations, and processing operations.

DaaS tools also increase the security of your data, quite the opposite of traditional thought about cloud storage. It has been an enormous success, and the remote working conditions have triggered the application of DaaS. Now that we have understood the Data as a Service definition, let us move on to the essential part.

How Do You Use DaaS For Your Marketing?

As a B2B marketer, demographic data becomes irrelevant, and the target business’s insights become vital. Knowing your customer’s needs will make your marketing process efficient. And for that, you need accurate data and some shared insights.

Although you cannot use your resources and time to perform data collection and analysis, this is where third-party marketing analysts enter. They use surveys and campaigns to gather valuable data from your desired audience and then deliver it to you via DaaS tools. It helps you understand your customers on a deeper level using the data obtained from a similar audience.

Let us take a look at how you can rule your market – the data service way.

Create Data Reports

Reports play a vital role in improving your marketing process. It assists you in making intelligent decisions by helping you realize the areas that require change. For accurate reports, you need to have true and tested data. Sometimes, you might need real-time data as well.

Data as a Service tool significantly reduces your efforts in this marketing analysis process. They are more than just cloud storage spaces. It lets you perform B2B data analytics and related operations as well. Using these reports, you can also understand how you perform in comparison to your competitors.

Standardize Data Source

One of the most demanding challenges marketers face is the variations in the same data. It is because they do not usually set a standard way of retrieving the information. It results in remote marketing teams working on different data. Data as a Service tool significantly reduces such confusion.

It lets you share the data throughout the team, making it virtually impossible to falter. As a result, your team stays coordinated, and all the data you receive are up-to-date.

Buy Data Through Data Marketplaces

Market analysis requires you to have various sets of data. You can either initiate data research through a marketing research company or buy data that is already relevant to what you want. A good DaaS tool lets you access such marketplaces. B2B marketers can use this opportunity to purchase such data for their company. Plus, it costs way less than organizing the research yourself.

Get In-depth Customer Information

The Data as a Service market hugely advertises its ability to inform businesses of their target audience. You can know much crucial information about your customers and what products will satisfy their needs. Not just that, you can also know what kind of content reaches a wider audience.

Like performing keyword research, you will be trying to crack the optimal way to promote. Through surveys, you can gain information like how much your customer spends per month. These details often help marketers plan an effective marketing strategy.

Use Multichannel Marketing

Many B2B marketers use multichannel marketing to rope in their customers. However, you also need to know which channel works better. DaaS tools will let you access the information on such data. Through surveys and other marketing research ideas, you can gather helpful information of this sort.

Consider this Data as a Service example. First, you need to find which platform your target audience responds to, and you cannot pester them on all platforms until you get an answer. Instead, using the tool, you can do a data search on how similar customers like to interact, allowing you to have a different perspective on your services.

Perform Geolocation-Based Services

Sometimes your products may be more helpful for people/businesses in specific regions. Many modern tools also aid you in creating location-specific content. But, to get the necessary data, you need to depend on Data as a Service tool.

You can mine excellent data and expect it to deliver it to you on time to perform marketing analysis based on the region. Most B2B marketers use this strategy to find the aspects that filter their prospects from others.

Categories of Information Collected Through DaaS

Let us look at some types of information you can get using the Data as a Service tool.

Web Data Mining

This information is valuable for every B2B marketer for performing marketing analysis. The internet is a goldmine of valuable customer data. You must use appropriate techniques to retrieve it.

User Behavior

You can collect this information from search and browser activity. In addition, several data mining software solutions are available that you can make use of to gather information.

Social Media

This information helps you empathize with your customers on a personal level. It also gives you a personal connection with the customer.


Crowdsourcing can involve data obtained through surveys, polls, forums, and many such market research operations.


These kinds of information help you understand whether the customer is truly capable of investing.

Mobile Data

Data that you collect through apps fall under this category. For example, it will help you display relevant ads to your prospects.

Steps to Get Started with DaaS

Data as a Service platform is relatively new to the marketing sector. However, it is straightforward and eliminates the need for installation on any local system. The following is the process of implementing the DaaS solution in your business.

Choose a DaaS Solution

Choosing the right tool is probably the most excruciating task. It can either change your business for the better or for, the worse. So consider the following aspects carefully before deciding to invest in a DaaS tool:

  • Pricing
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Easy of use
  • Integrations

Sign Up

Since it is a cloud-based service, all you need to do is sign up after you have purchased the solution.

Transfer Data

Now, load all your existing data onto the DaaS tool. Again, most have in-built automation to carry out the task.

Start Leveraging Data

Now you can access valuable data from anywhere to perform better marketing analyses and operations.

Benefits of DaaS

The following are some of the well-known Data as a Service benefits.

  1. Accessibility

    Marketers who use the Data as a Service model experience a smooth flow of data, and hence, you can access them across multiple platforms simultaneously.

  2. High-quality Data

    When storing data locally, there’s a considerable risk of duplicates and other unreliable data clutter. A good DaaS solution will automatically scan your data to clean anything faulty. You can also automate the task of updating the data occasionally. It keeps your database clean and available for use.

  3. Cost-effectiveness

    Managing your data can be a costly task. But, not collecting your data will result in a much higher risk. Using the DaaS solution will let you handle all the data effectively at a small price. In addition, you need not have dedicated employees working on data management.

  4. Quick Set-Up

    With DaaS, you need not have a full day dedicated to professionals installing the solution. Instead, with a good internet connection and you can start working with DaaS almost instantly.

  5. More Uptime

    A cloud database never fails. This means it doesn’t matter if your local system crashed. You can always use some other device to access data.


Data as a Service is a trending subject with a lot of potential. Though with all those fantastic benefits, you may need to face some challenges. You need to be sure about the security protocols that address the advanced cloud operations. Also, the speed of transfer depends on your local bandwidth. To keep your work relevant, there are occasional updates to the solutions as well. So go ahead and start your data research today

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