Understanding the Components in AI Marketing

Understanding the Components in AI Marketing

They say change is the only constant in life. One of the most prominent examples of the same has been the incredible advancements that technology has made. Today, the most significant buzz on the technology front is Big Data and AI’s considerable strides in the past few years.

It is no surprise that, with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) components, AI-powered solutions are today being adopted in almost every field, wherever there is a possibility and availability. Providing the marketers and their companies with market intelligence, it is no surprise that marketers world-over are today adopting these AI platform solutions. These AI platforms help marketers with market intelligence data to know their customers better, but they also help bring operational efficiency to the system.

Today, thanks to these AI and big data solutions, marketers can see much higher conversions. With the machines doing the heavy-lifting for the marketers, they can pull out time to look at the macro picture and strategize better in this highly competitive environment.

A lifeline for almost every business today, let us try and deep-dive into this Artificial Intelligence and the various components of an AI program.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing

The use of machines to make data-based evaluated marketing decisions to maximize the marketing impact for the efforts being put in is Artificial intelligence marketing. Powered with insights from big data and machine learning, and analytics, these artificial intelligence platforms help marketers achieve better ROI for their brands and communicate better with their audience.

Customer data and AI platforms being the two significant arsenals available to the markets today, these machines help understand and predict the customer behavior and expectations, helping marketers predict the customers’ next move. Empowered by a more profound understanding of what the customer wants, marketers and brands today see a much smoother customer journey thanks to these big data platforms. Not to mention, with the machines doing the entire heavy-lifting for the marketers, they can take time out from fire-fighting and devote a larger timeshare of theirs towards strategizing and building a future-ready plan for their brand.

With features that include data analysis, content generation, artificial intelligence market research, media buying, natural language processing, and many others, marketers can automate many mundane tasks. Thus helping them standardize processes, reduce human errors and human intervention, and free their time for tactical and strategical decision-making.

What are the Various Components of AI Marketing

We have already established the importance of artificial intelligence in marketing and the benefits these AI software platforms bring to marketers and brands alike. However, do we really know what the core elements of AI marketing are? Before talking to various providers of AI solutions and learning about their AI platform pricing, let us quickly have a look at these core elements.

Essentially, there are 3 primary pillars to any AI marketing software that help marketers traverse the journey from just a collection of customer data points to executable strategies. These 3 key components are Machine Learning (ML), Big data and analytics, and selecting an AI platform.

components of ai in marketing

These 3 pillars essentially help process vast amounts of raw customer data already gathered and derive outcomes from it to make informed, actionable decisions.

Machine Learning

A branch of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, is based on the principle that machines can improve their performance automatically based on their education from the data they analyze. This branch of Artificial Intelligence helps automate analytical model building by analyzing data, drawing patterns from the data analyzed, and making decisions without human intervention.

A key component for marketers for understanding customers better, ML plays a crucial role, especially where there is a massive pile of data involved to analyze and identify the future course of action. When it comes to predicting and identifying trends, responses, and reactions from customers, ML takes the lead and helps marketers automate making an informed decision on the future course of action. Machine learning solutions are the go-to for AI marketing marketers when analyzing data points from historical data gathered.

Big Data and Analytics

Given the severe competition in the market today, together with the complexity of data analysis needed for optimizing marketing performance, big data strategy seems to be the preferred solution for AI Marketing. As the name itself suggests, Big data comes into the picture for AI marketing, where marketers need to automate the analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data, especially from new sources.

Big data is also beneficial where data volume and velocity are ever-increasing (Oracle India). With digital media taking center stage in marketing, the influx of data has been primarily impacted. With traditional data-processing applications unable to keep pace with the trends, extensive data analysis helps marketers accurately understand the effect of their marketing efforts and take appropriate steps.

Selecting an AI Platform

The effectiveness of any AI marketing is heavily dependant on selecting the right AI platform. Depending upon the right set of results desired, a good AI platform can help derive intelligent marketing insights to make data-driven decisions. Traditionally, AI allows companies with solutions where the machines can

  • Think and act humanly
  • Think and act rationally

Final Thoughts on Key Components of AI

The market and marketing dynamics have today changed drastically. AI marketing is very much a technology of the present and today. While this technology is still in its nascent stage and snowballing every day, it has definitely helped automate many repetitive and boring tasks that humans would have otherwise wasted their time doing.

It comes with its own set of challenges and problems; however, it also helps us know the customer better and more accurately. Analyzing and drawing insightful patterns across large volumes of data is more manageable now and much faster, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence marketing is definitely turning out to be a boon for brands and marketers alike, and it is only bound to grow in strength as time advances.

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