Why Are Chatbots The Future Of Marketing

Why Are Chatbots The Future Of Marketing

We all have witnessed a dynamic shift in marketing from email to messaging. Businesses are now relying more on messaging tools than the old-age practice of emails. Chatbots have revolutionized marketing efficiently and actively.

Millennials are now inclined towards chatbots for communicating with customers. The best thing that works is its loaded features that can work flawlessly with a mobile phone. In addition, it is an efficient way to resolve client’s queries and provide 24X7 customer support.

Chatbots are akin to virtual assistants for websites that can communicate with customers. In this blog, we will find out everything about chatbots and answer why they are the future of marketing.

What is a Chatbot?

A bot is a computer program designed to automate specific tasks. This automation is done by linking the user interface with a conversational message interface. For example, a chatbot is a specialized bot designed particularly for messaging or, in common parlance, chat.

These advanced bots are enhanced by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It helps bots understand complex interactions, requests, and personal responses. In addition, it automatically updates and improves response time. Although this technology is a little advanced, many businesses use a set pattern of a program with a standard response until a human handles the messaging.

How do Chatbots work?

Chatbots provide us with an opportunity to start a friendly conversation with customers. In a world where everyone seems to be running out of time, it is an incredible way to give a personalized touch. In addition, it is a boon for marketers, for they can now forget those long email chains intended to woo customers.

Chatbots work in an inbound messaging framework. It connects, understands, delivers, and refines its interactions.


The first step is connecting with the client to solve a problem with the help of a messaging app. It aims to engage with the client with a conversational tone. In addition, it makes use of the overall contact record to add the message to be delivered to the client.


The next step is to understand the customer’s query and engage it by filtering the query records to choose an appropriate answer. By understanding the query, the bot finds out the relevance and answers a preprogrammed response. In case the query is not listed, here is a standard reply.


The aim is to deliver a satisfactory answer to the query. The solution is delivered in media-rich content with relevance so that the client does not leave the messaging app.


Based on the query record and user interaction, businesses continue to refine their responses strategy. The aim is to get used to chatbots and include more responses based on the common triggering queries.

Chatbots in Marketing

Bots are here to find a solution with the help of messaging tools. No matter where the clients are or what device is being used, it will eliminate cluttered inbox mails. Service, communication, and transactions combine to make chatbots a self-serving marketing tool.
Here are five ways chatbots are used in marketing.

1. Large Engagement Capability

Chatbot engages the clients and offers them relevant information regarding your service or brand. It can up-sell and cross-sell products in a conversational, personalized, and engaging manner.

2. Wider Reach

Chatbots can reach a large number of audiences. It can search for a new audience by looking at the demographic profile and integrate it into multiple messaging. This way, you are making yourself more readily available to your customers with increased opportunities for sales.

3. Control all Notifications

All customers prefer not to be spammed with messages, emails, and other brand-related notifications. You may piss off a client if you want to send every detail about your product or activity. Customers are only looking for valuable information about what they want to buy or what they have already purchased.

Chatbots can analyze data and send only the relevant notifications based on available data. It is done either by text messages or by using social media platforms.

4. Maintain Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing. However, keeping your presence consistent with a regular post is a great challenge. Answering all queries and replying to every comment is time-consuming and also not practical. Chatbot makes your brand presence 24X7. It can respond to comments and address the questions of customers. In addition, it can be used for scheduling your posts to keep your social media presence alive.

5. Provides Personal Touch

Addressing your clients by their name provides an essential personal touch. It not only builds healthy relations with your clients but will prevent them from missing your loyalty. Bots have enhanced ability with AI bot chat. In this way, chatbots can gather data and interact with the audience, giving a personalized touch.

Scope of Chatbots in Marketing

Chatbots are great for answering queries to restless customers. Moreover, statistics show that more than 75% of clients leave the brand site if their query is not addressed within a minute. Here are some statistics that reveal the most common usage of chatbots.

  • 37% of brands use it to send instant reply
  • 35% of businesses use it for resolving complaints.
  • 35% of brands use it for providing customers detailed information about their products.
  • 34% use it as a virtual assistant
  • 33% of businesses use it for making reservations.
  • 29% of businesses use it for receiving payments.
  • 22% of brands use it for adding customers to the mailing list.
  • 22% of brands use it for generating marketing ideas.

Expand Marketing Strategy with Chatbot

Today, in a highly tech-savvy world, you should be looking towards automation if you want your business to grow. This is because it will not only make the process faster and efficient but, in the long run, will prove to be much more economical than hiring people.

Here are a few proven strategies that you can employ with chatbot marketing.

1. Use Chatbots as Engaging Tools

Using phones and emails is becoming an outdated measure to engage customers. Chatbots have the power to engage customers in a more sophisticated and friendly way. In addition, the tactics pay off well to retain clients, whether they are old users or new clients. Develop a new virtual friend to handle your tasks and engage clients in a refined and professional manner.

2. Economical and Resourceful

Statistics show that chatbots can increase your efficiency by 30% and reduce 10 to 15% costs. Put your virtual friend in charge of customer services and client conversation to save money and time. Then, utilize the dedicated resources and funds to upgrade or drive the new business process. Another research from finance online shows saving in customer service costs by 80%. It shows how chatbot apps are gaining popularity and momentum.

3. Provides Leads

Brands are always looking for leads to gain some access to get customers hooked to their products. Use chatbots to get information and evaluate how you can get leads. The automated chatbot can help brands’ prospects for harvesting an updated mailing list with enhanced marketing potential.

4. Gives Better results

Inducting a chatbot into your marketing strategy is an excellent way for website users to find the desired product. Today the sales are driven mainly by website content or social media. Use automation for social media management along with automated user interaction. Based on the user’s queries, a chatbot can help with resolution and the suggestion of products.

5. Enhance Customer Care

In a research conducted by Backlinko, most businesses rely on chatbots for emergency resolution of user’s issues. With automated customer care, you need not bother about attending to queries during off-working hours. Therefore, it is the best strategy to handle after-office hour responses.


Bots are the future and here to stay, and steadily but surely, we see its impact in marketing too. Chatbots can generate meaningful conversations with customers on a large scale. The greatest asset for marketing is they need not waste hours on developing emails. Businesses can upscale their marketing for new ways and innovative ideas with redundant load taken by automation.

With the induction of AI, chatbot meaning has been upgraded to a professional business marketer and a development partner in business communication. It makes a helpful chatbot both for brands as well as customers. Whether it is 24X7 customer service, generation of leads, or keeping your customers happy, chatbots can perform all these tasks with minimal cost.

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