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How Can We Do B2B Sales Using Big Data Analytics To Ascertain Consumer Intent?

How Can We Do B2B Sales Using Big Data Analytics To Ascertain Consumer Intent?

Many companies are starting with big data analytics. It is a proven way to boost B2B sales and ascertain customer intent. The utilization of big data creates new avenues for innovation and cost reduction. Sales in B2B big data analytics helps marketers target their customers with precision.

Big data analytics supports businesses to enhance their operations in customer relations and the supply chain. It helps develop new strategies and customization of sales by using effective personal relationships. In addition, big data helps know what customers are looking for from companies.

What is Big Data Analytics?

The use of advanced analytics techniques to evaluate large data is big data analytics. It includes a diverse set of data that is structured or unstructured from different sources and different sizes. The size of data can vary from a few terabytes to zettabytes

The term big data applies to a set of data beyond the capability of traditional assessment like we do in a relational database. Big data will have significant volumes and a wide variety. The challenge is first to break down data into valuable components and then do meaningful analysis. In simple terms, it is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data with a large volume to derive a pattern.

Sales in B2B big data analytics is achieved by analyzing the data to make faster decisions. Businesses can also use advanced techniques like predictive analysis, machine learning, statistics, and data mining to gain insights from data.

How to Use Big Data Analytics to Improve Sales?

Data analytics is widely used in the B2B industry to help companies make more informed decisions. Sales in B2B big data analytics are derived with careful examination of data and developing workable strategies. Here are a few proven ways to use data analytics to improve B2B sales.

big data analytics and b2b sales

1. Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is critical in B2B business to work out a required budget. With the help of precision sales forecasting, B2B companies can now plan their yearly budgets. Unclear sales forecasting will result in rough budget estimates creating an additional burden at the end of the financial year. Forecasting becomes essential to make a plan and execute it smoothly.

Forecasting on spreadsheets and other business intelligence tools is no longer effective. The only way to stay in the competition is by using big data analytical tools. Data analytics improves business models with accurate feedback and using evidence from a large data bank. It not only makes it easier to understand the past performance parameters but also gives an accurate prediction.

2. Precise Product Recommendation

Showing your clients the standard portfolio will not work in a B2B scenario. Businesses need to offer different clients different products according to their needs. Data integration is a time-consuming process and requires precision to achieve sales in B2B big data analytics. The method is to divide your customers into different groups according to their needs.

Sales managers in the B2B market can analyze and compare customer groups with previous experience. It can also be based on different products for different customers. For example, people involved in the education field will have other requirements as compared to corporate professionals. In addition, data analytics also highlights hidden costs that are missed out on in the budgeting process.

3. Market Segmentation

The common trend in B2B marketing is to target different market segments. The second common variation seen is appeasing broad market segments. Both these strategies will not only dilute your brand value, but no one will focus on your product. The best remedy to this problem is to use data analytics. By using data analytics, sales managers will make precise market segmentation.

Big data plays a vital role in creating a customer persona linked to your product. Narrow target marketing creates an opportunity for ERP sales data and undertakes group data analysis. This strategy will easily create different customer persona that can be grouped easily. In addition, the plan will help B2B companies conduct specific marketing on targeted groups. It will reduce the cost and increase the brand’s usage and efficiency.

4. Creating a Customized Dashboard

A customized dashboard for your business will set the right pace to manage your data. Using predictive analytics tools will give you an upper hand in working your data flawlessly. The visual representation will reduce the use of excel sheets and save valuable time. Companies will have the opportunity to consolidate and present the data in a manner that suits their brand. The data is simplified for easy understanding for all; the reason why more and more companies are relying on sales in B2B big data analytics using sales analytics.

Big data analytics empowers your marketing and sales team to create winning strategies that give you leads and results. The clients are in sync with your vision and their requirements creating a win-win situation for both. Companies do not need to change their business goals or vision; they need to customize their dashboard to suit the customer requirement. It can be quickly done using extensive data analysis coupled with predictive analysis.

5. Client Interaction with Email Campaigns

An email campaign may not entice all your customers, but it has the potential to woo at least 10% of clients. People may skip their messages, but they always go through their emails. There is a general feeling that emails are important and should be viewed seriously. Data analytics is used to assess which clients most view subjects or product promotions. In addition, it also helps you focus on the time and day when these targeting emails should be delivered.

B2B sales teams must follow up conversations and find the missed links to retarget potential clients. Sales in B2B big data analytics can be enhanced by appropriate emails and product promotion with offers. Analytics help in delivering one-on-one messaging to improve sales. Using email analytic tools is another way for companies to enhance their business potential.

6. Tracking Sales with Online Traffic

All sales teams are looking for leads to seize the opportunity. Business needs to make the right strategy to find information and the correct approach to convert these leads into customers. However, none of this will happen without substantial traffic to your website. Your initial focus is to be set on driving online traffic at your site or digital marketing campaigns. An excellent way to achieve this is by engaging social media content and ads.

If you are tied on budget and time, use google analytics. It is the easier way to get lead performance analytics and make future strategies. The tool can simplify the raw data by visualization, analysis, and preparation. Once broken down in a more straightforward form, the complex information is used for business intelligence to drive sales.

7. Predicting the Future

Sales in B2B big data analytics is improved by studying the old data and predicting the future course. Data analytics is a force multiplier for the sales team as well as market analysis. The technology allows businesses to gather previous data to predict the future graph. For example, if your brand sells a specific product, data analysis can see the past performance of a similar product and predict the future.

Based on the prediction, companies can focus on product improvement or design a new variant to attract customers. Predictive analysis is also vital for a B2B prospect.


Many businesses view extensive data analysis as a challenge to implement. The difficulty is undeniable considering the enormity of the data, including various formats. The data needs to be brought into a set pattern out of all its proportions and base.

The major challenge is to break the data so that businesses can use it to their advantage. Another challenge is creating structured platforms for visible leads; the most significant challenge remains to process a vast data source without applying traditional analysis techniques we are familiar with. Other challenges are lack of proper understanding, data growth issues, confusion in the right tool selection, and lack of professional knowledge to acquire, process, and use data as a meaningful resource.


Sales in B2B extensive data analysis is achieved by adopting the correct strategy and data research. Data helps businesses in their marketing and sales efforts. It improves efficiency and saves valuable time for a meaningful resource.

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