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How Do You Build An Amazon FBA Business To Make Money Through Internet Marketing?

How Do You Build An Amazon FBA Business To Make Money Through Internet Marketing?

As a user, whenever one thinks of purchasing a product online today, the first option that comes to mind in most parts of the world would no doubt be Amazon. After all, such as the strong branding and presence that the company has built the world over since its inception in 1994.

With over 310 million customers worldwide and counting, it is no surprise that the company clocked over $14 billion in the last quarter alone.

While Amazon is best known amongst people for purchasing things online, did you know that it offers an equally great opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to make money through e-commerce?

Not only does Amazon offer a platform for entrepreneurs who want to make a fast buck online, but it also offers many easy options for someone who wishes to start their income generation options through the online medium.

A company well known to offer equal opportunities to entrepreneurs to share the wealth Amazon makes using their platform is an amazing platform to start and grow one’s online business.

Be it through various affiliate link promotions, direct merchandising, selling your own branded products on Amazon, or becoming an Amazon FBA partner, there are many options to pick from to make money through Amazon.

Before we deep dive into how one can generate Amazon FBA income, let us first understand a bit more about why Amazon and what is Amazon FBA.

Why Amazon?

Accounting for nearly 40% of all e-commerce retail sales in 2020 alone, Amazon is the undisputed number one e-commerce platform when it comes to any form of online selling. With the company branching into other divisions beyond just the regular e-commerce, Amazon is not only generating avenues of employment across the globe, but it is also creating more avenues for businesses to do business with Amazon as well.

From e-commerce to ebooks and kindle, from digital streaming services to even setting up their own brick-n-mortar store, the possibility of finding an opportunity to work with Amazon is also plenty today.

Another great win with Amazon is the trust that it enjoys with its customers. With over 89% of consumers in the US alone trusting Amazon when it comes to purchasing anything online and their constant effort to build long-term loyalty within their customer base, Amazon also offers one of the safest opportunities to be one’s online business model and sales journey.

Though there are many direct and more prominent options to make money with Amazon, like becoming a direct seller or becoming an affiliate partner with Amazon, there are many less known and highly lucrative opportunities to work with Amazon.

What’s more, most of these opportunities can be capitalized upon with the work from home option as well.

One such opportunity to work with Amazon is to become an Amazon FBA partner.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon business is excellent but a lesser-known option when working with Amazon and making money. An online behemoth that attracts over 50% of the product searches on the internet, it is a no-brainer to be selling one’s products on Amazon and making money out of it?

However, what if one could sell their products and services online on Amazon and not worry about warehousing, shipping, and customer services at all? Well, that is now possible thanks to Amazon FBA.

Essentially, making money with Amazon FBA is a simple, easy to execute opportunity for established and new entrepreneurs. Here, one can not just sell their products and services on Amazon; they can also capitalize on Amazon’s world-class fulfillment centers, call centers, and logistics services.

Amazon FBA is an all-in-one solution to sell one’s products on Amazon while Amazon takes care of storing, packaging, shipping, and customer services (including handling of returns) on behalf of the business.

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Making money on Amazon FBA is extremely easy, and Amazon has kept it easy, keeping in mind the convenience of the vendors who wish to sell on Amazon

With Amazon FBA, Amazon offers its select partners to operate out of Amazon’s fulfillment and warehouse centers. This way, Amazon gets direct access to the products in their warehouse itself, and the amazon partners can directly reach out to the customer base of Amazon to sell their products and services.

While the products are sold by Amazon on behalf of their FBA partners, Amazon takes care of everything, from storage, to packaging, to shipping to customer service to even reverse shipments, wherever applicable.

In exchange for these services, Amazon charges a certain success fee for every sale and a nominal storage fee if the products do not move as per the forecast and the products end up occupying storage space in an Amazon warehouse facility.

How To Start An Amazon FBA Business?

how to start an amazon fba business with little money

In case still wondering how to start an Amazon FBA business with little money, here’s a quick guide on the stage involved before you can make money on Amazon FBA:

  • Register on Amazon as a regular vendor with complete product details and description
  • Once registered, register separately as an Amazon FBA partner by providing additional information.
  • Identify the best products to sell on Amazon FBA and provide details while registering as an Amazon FBA partner.
  • Once accepted for the program, register one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers as an additional place for doing business with the taxation authorities.
  • List best products together with pricing, unit quantities, and other details in advance for processing.
  • Prepare packaging, labeling of the products for shipping to amazon warehouse and ship them.
  • Once products are received at the Amazon fulfillment center, sit back and make money as Amazon FBA.

For those still wondering how to start Amazon FBA, here’s a quick link to Amazon’s FAQ page.

Can you make money with Amazon FBA? Given the customer base with Amazon and the volumes of business that Amazon does, the question should not be whether you can make money on Amazon FBA, but it should be how to make money with Amazon FBA.

How much can you make with Amazon FBA? That depends upon the volumes that Amazon can sell, how much in demand the products you sell on Amazon, what kind of market it caters to, and how attractive the product and its pricing, besides many other factors.

Amazon is an excellent platform for sellers to make money and cater to their customer base. Understanding the importance of businesses for its now survival, Amazon’s FBA is a simple and straightforward way for businesses to make money using Amazon FBA. So get started, start selling, and start compounding your Amazon FBA income.

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