Christmas advertisement has now become a part of the holiday celebrations. But each year, these Christmas ads are aired a bit earlier than before. Airing your first Christmas ad one to two months before Christmas is understandable.

However, airing in your Christmas ad within the second month of the year is a bit too soon, isn’t it? For the last couple of years, people have been noticing the availability of Christmas-related products from the middle of the year.

But this time, the first TV campaign for Christmas 2022 aired within the second month of this year. A bit too early, yes, but the brand has a complete justification for this.

Sorry Not Sorry: The First Christmas Ad of 2022

Park, UK’s largest family Christmas savings group, is known to help 2.7 million families to budget their Christmas spending and save for it in a short period. This year, Park decided to start the savings program a little earlier this year.

They launched the first Christmas ad of 2022 in February, named “Sorry Not Sorry.” This campaign is packed full of apologies, but they are also not sorry. Why? Because the earlier you start saving for Christmas. Christmas, the more carefree you will be by the Holidays.

This ad was aired on different reputable channels in the UK, including ITV, Channel 4, and Sky. The 30-second commercial jokes about planning Christmas a bit too soon but also explain how necessary it is to pre-plan to have stress-free holidays, and we kind of agree with them.

While February is a bit too early for a Christmas commercial, the timing for Park’s ad can be justified considering the nature of the business. Their sole purpose behind the club is to save money for Christmas gifts and celebrations. Therefore, the earlier you start saving, the more stress-free your holidays will become.

Why Join a Christmas Savings Club

According to YouGov, an average Brit spends £1,116 on Christmas celebrations. More than 40% of people believe in starting early savings to make their holiday gift shopping, decor, and get-togethers hassle-free.

Furthermore, 73% of distressed Brits and 79% of indebted Brits think that Christmas gets more expensive each year. Therefore, it is best to start saving as early as possible. Saving for Christmas from the month of January makes dealing with Christmas a lot easier, and this is exactly what Park aims to spread awareness for.

In an interview, Katherine Scott, the director of Marketing at Park’s Savings Club, says, “The key message of our TV ad is that by getting a head-start and putting away an affordable amount of money weekly or monthly, paying for Christmas 2022 need not be a burden.”

Since the concept of Christmas advertisement so early in the year is quite bizarre, they call the idea “Crackers” within the advertisement themselves. This bizarre idea is a hot topic of discussion among many advertising agencies. We are waiting to see how it can shape the future of Christmas advertisements all over the world.

Christmas Advertisements Across the Globe

The first Christmas was celebrated in Rome, in 336 ad. This is a festival filled with love, care, and hearty conversations with your friends and family members. Where half the population stays busy debating “who said AD 1 was the first Christmas?” The rest focus on enjoying every moment of the holidays without thinking whether the first Christmas was 336 AD or not.

People like giving gifts and decorating their houses during this time. Therefore, you can see a number of ads and commercials popping up with Christmas-themed products to generate more sales during this time.

America’s first Christmas ad was in the form of printed cards in 1850. Many businesses send Christmas cards to their business partners. Fast forward to 1931, the first coca-cola Christmas ad appeared with a Santa Claus drinking coke to boost sales.

Later on, the first Apple Christmas ad appeared after 1984, and since then, it has been a tradition for the brands to present Christmas-related ads each year. It helps their customers check out the latest sales, deals, and discounts, as well as creates more exposure for the brand.

These ads attract a huge number of customers, making Christmas one of the busiest seasons for Brands. People buy different things for gifting, decorating their houses, and hosting parties at their houses. This is the time of mass consumption that benefits the brands in one way or another.

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However, we still think it is a bit too early to air Christmas campaigns as it hasn’t been long since the families have packed away their Christmas decor. On the other hand, some people start shopping or saving up for Christmas shopping early in the year.

Whether or not a company should post their first Christmas ad this early stays debatable. However, Park’s new ad has added a nice twist to the Christmas advertising agency.