Email marketing has been one of the effective marketing techniques for a long time. And for a good reason. It has proven time and time again that it is one of the best ways to promote a business and market its values. Also, many leads readily open an email from a company rather than attend a phone call.

But there is a problem. It has become so popular that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Inboxes of users get saturated with emails, and it can be challenging for any business to get noticed in an already crowded market.

So, you have to learn more about how to do email marketing. To do that, you have to understand the basics of email marketing. You can refer to the following comprehensive email marketing guide to know everything about it. And there’s no doubt that it will continue to dominate the digital marketing world for years to come.

What is Email Marketing?

In this world of digital communications, there’s a very fine line between formal communication and other forms. One example of a standard communication method is email marketing. It is a term that describes the use of email communication methods and attractive templates to attract potential customers. It is also an effective method to retain existing customers and turn them into loyal advocates.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of this digital marketing strategy is one of the primary reasons marketers use this method. The following are the types of email marketing campaigns that businesses use to attract customers:

email marketing campaigns

1. Promotional Emails

The primary goal of an email marketing campaign is to promote a special offer or something similar to lure in the customers. Promotional emails are the ones that promote your products/services and offer a clear CTA. Essentially, it will point your customers towards the direction of making a purchase.

2. Informational Emails

Informational emails are one of the best ways to effective email lead generation. They can be in many forms. But their primary motive is to educate the business’ email contacts.

They carry detailed information in the form of newsletters, announcements, ebooks, etc. Moreover, you can personalize this information to suit their profile and the services they are already using.

The Concept of Email Marketing

The concept of email marketing is simple. You send emails to your customers in the hope of getting them to do something that profits you. You should frame these emails so that they help bridge the communication gap between the customers and the seller.

In the case of B2B marketers, the concept remains pretty the same: to gently push them further in the sales pipeline. But, you have to dedicate a significant portion of the email marketing process to educating them about the technical details.

Why Does a Business Need Email Marketing?

email marketing process

Emphasize the word ‘need.’ Because, without email marketing, you simply cannot acquire long-term customers. It is an effective way of promoting your business and a reliable method of creating a healthy customer base. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the following reasons as to why you ‘need’ it in your marketing strategy.

1. It lets you be customer-centric

For both B2B and B2C businesses, it is essential to be customer-centric in this era. If not, your competitor will easily take first place by just being more connected. What better way to communicate directly with the customer than emails? First of all, you won’t be disturbing them to get your promotional emails in.

Whereas a cold call will definitely upset their routine. Also, your marketing team can come with creative email marketing ideas to connect well with the customer and let them feel seen. Hence, you quickly become a customer-centric business.

2. It is convenient to use

Through emails, you can now deliver all your email marketing services to a customer’s mobile. By using an email automation software solution, your employees wouldn’t have to sweat much. Hence, we can say that it is convenient for both the marketers and the customers/leads. 

3. It is comparatively affordable

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars to display an advertisement on a TV channel. And this outbound method is not even that effective. Whereas inbound email marketing costs you significantly less, you only reach people who already have a certain level of interest in your products. 

4. It creates brand awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for your development. You can establish a standard email marketing campaign that constantly creates an interest in your brand. Remember, you shouldn’t be all about selling, and you should also focus on spreading your brand values and goals. 

5. It is timely

This is one of the most essential email marketing goals and one of the most quoted advantages of email marketing. Even a simple birthday wish may create massive interest in whatever you offer. With advanced email automation software, you can even send location-based triggered emails automatically.

How Email Marketing Works?

An email campaign works by sending a predefined email to a specified list of recipients. But, these emails do have a hint of personalization to get the audience engaged. First, a software solution works on segmenting your contacts based on different data types, and categorizing your audience is an effective email marketing strategy. 

Then, the software comes up with a list of email templates that you can use to quickly create attractive emails. After you finish editing the content, you can automate the process of sending personalized emails. You can schedule these emails or even set a trigger. The trigger is usually some kind of action a lead/customer does. 

Finally, the email marketing strategy plan includes monitoring the effectiveness of the current email marketing campaign. The latest automation software has a set of tools that you can use to create comprehensive reports. For example, you can monitor your email campaign’s click rates, which lets you create new email marketing campaign ideas that yield better results than the past efforts.

How to Get Started on Email Marketing?

how to do email marketing

Almost every email marketing guide will highlight the importance of having a proper email marketing strategy, and it gives a direction to use the tools to perform powerful email marketing for business. 

Let’s take a look at some simple steps to get started with your email marketing strategy.

1. Identify buyer persona

A significant part of customer-centric marketing focuses on understanding the customers. This is why businesses define buyer persona/target audience profiles to generate relevant content. It answers the question of ‘what your audience truly needs?’.

2. Set goals

Define what you want to achieve by using email marketing. This step will let you set metrics to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. 

3. Create ways to sign up

You have to build your email contacts. The best way to do that is to ask for email addresses every time someone visits your website. But, there are many other ways to get them to opt-in for your email marketing services. 

4. Build a schedule

Consistent effort is a key to unlocking effective email marketing. So, you have to set up a standard schedule for deploying emails at the right time. 

5. Monitor your results

Now, it is time for you to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Remember the metrics you set? These KPIs are the only way of understanding what you need to change in your email marketing strategy.

How to Launch Your First Email Marketing Strategy?

email marketing ideas
  1. Choose an email marketing software solution.
  2. Create an email contact list.
  3. Draft a welcome email for new subscribers.
  4. Set the primary objectives of your email marketing campaign.
  5. Write your email copy for various instances.
  6. Send your emails at the right time.

Email Marketing Best Practices

email marketing best practices

The following are some email marketing best practices that actually yield results. You can also consider them like email marketing tips that really improve an email marketing campaign’s performance.

  1. Never buy contact lists. Gather them on your own.
  2. Avoid using email IDs like ‘‘.
  3. Optimize the visual contents of the email.
  4. Regularly clean your email contact list.
  5. Always highlight the CTA and essential points.
  6. Personalize the greeting line and the subject line.
  7. Write creative subject lines that are not cliche.
  8. Use chatbots on your websites to get the email addresses.

These email marketing tips are only the tip of the iceberg. However, in actual practice, you will have to resort to intense research and testing to finally arrive at an optimal way of performing an email marketing campaign.

The Future of Email Marketing

By 2022, email marketing is still going to be the most used method of communicating with customers. However, the future of email marketing is going to be more about hyper-personalization using AI. Also, customers expect an email campaign to be more interactive.


So, now you know that email marketing is still hot and thriving, and it will be so for many more years to come. The only significant change will be the demand for more privacy as AI takes personalization to a whole new level. Future solutions are more likely to focus on improving the customers’ privacy without compromising the personalization aspect of modern email marketing.