The current proliferation of social media and other online platforms where people interact has come with multiple benefits. The people who want to start side hustle jobs as a marketer, can leverage your advertising skills and start making extra money.

Learn everything you need to know about advertising as a side hustle in this article!

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is any job that you can do to earn extra cash, and it can be your passive income. You can use to make extra cash to meet your day-to-day expenses through side hustle jobs. With a bit of investment and a little effort, you can earn good money.

What is Advertising?

Any promotional action to sell a product or service to a specified audience is referred to as advertising. Advertising aims to influence the behavior of the target audience when buying or selling. Although advertising is a component of marketing, it is much older than the latter.

Traditional advertising has been the most popular mode of advertising. But, digital advertising has gained more traction with technological advancements. Digital advertising involves online advertising activities such as paid ads, social media ads, and display advertising.

Advertising as a Side Hustle Job

There are several ways to use your advertising skills as a side hustle to earn some side income. Here are the five advertising types that you can leverage to make a side hustle income.

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Paid ads are often known as pay-per-click (PPC). These advertising mechanisms allow businesses to display their advertisements on an internet platform.

When a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the host. The customer is sent to the advertiser’s website to purchase the advertised product or service.

Search engines, especially Google, are famous for hosting these paid ads. Paid search advertising allows you to show ads relevant to what your target audience is looking for. You may have run sponsored search campaigns for previous clients using platforms like Google AdWords as a marketing specialist.

One lucrative marketing skill you can use to make some side income is optimizing the paid ad campaigns of other businesses at a fee. You can use your AdWord skills to help small enterprises to show up top on Google searches.

You have to tell your clients that, you can place their ad at the top of Google search results and that they only pay for clicks. Because, unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay when customers click on your ad. Rather than when your ads appear, PPC makes it easier to sell through.

Social Media Advertising

Most business owners do not know that social media advertising can be very profitable, and they also find managing their social media ad campaigns difficult. Suppose you are highly skilled and experienced in social media advertising. In that case, you can find clients on the side and charge them fees to manage their social media campaigns.

You can charge them monthly to create ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn that target their niche market. You can either use the client’s existing branding materials to develop these social media advertisements. Also, you can hire a graphic designer and split the bill.

Display Advertising

As a marketer who has worked with online banner ads in the past, you will likely agree that display advertising is complicated. You can turn your skill in display advertising into a profitable side hustle. Your ability to display advertising for clients and show them how to attract millions of ad impressions will get you a steady stream of business.

Your experience working in a marketing agency, especially in a full-time media role, will most often make your skills in display advertising second nature. Businesses might not know about digital display advertising and might prefer hiring a freelance digital display expert such as you.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a way that advertisers can post sponsored content that looks more organic than a traditional advertisement. Some websites enable companies to do this kind of advertising by making sponsored content look native to the hosting site.

You can outsource your skills in finding, evaluating, and running these types of advertising campaigns to businesses interested in booking efficient native campaigns.

Another way you can make an extra income from this side hustle is by producing the content for the native ad spots for your clients.

Traditional Media Advertising

Another powerful marketing skill you can sell to interested businesses is knowing when something is good and negotiating it to favorable terms for clients. Businesses can pay you on a freelance arrangement to negotiate and manage their media planning and advertising campaigns.

Based on your firsthand knowledge of the local market dynamics, you can advise them on the best local newspapers, magazines, billboard and signage locations, etc.

Clients who need to create or improve their local presence are willing to pay a fair price for traditional media advertising, and this advertising is usually overpriced, and your side hustle can cater to their need to be cost-effective.

Importance of Technology in Advertising

The rapid advancement has come with many benefits to the business industry. Small businesses have gained an unprecedented ability to connect with their target audiences, and this ability to communicate with target markets has revolutionized the way marketers create advertising strategies.

Unlike the relatively inefficient advertising techniques of the past, new advertising channels created by current cutting-edge technology allow businesses to target niche markets with personalized ads and collect feedback. The responses can be measured, and marketers can use the information to craft better advertising campaigns.

By implementing technology in your advertising, you can reach a large segment of your target audience with just a click of a button. Tools such as photo editing and graphic design software enable businesses to produce ads quickly in a flexible manner.

How Do You Make Money From Advertising?

If you have a solid online presence, such as a website or a blog, you can make passive income through Google Ads. You can monetize your online presence using Google AdSense by using the AdWords program.

Google advertisements bring in new customers for advertisers, and you earn money when people click on them. This is usually called Cost Per Click advertising.

Another way your business can make money is through social media ads. Many people spend more time on social media platforms, and you are likely to find your target audience on these forums. Craft advertising campaigns that are on point to convert and optimize your conversions and churn out a profit.

Next Five Years of Advertising and Predictions

As technology continues to evolve, so will digital advertising strategies. Ads will need to get more personalized, and once you get consumers’ consent to use their data, you can use it to create more tailored ads.

Additionally, your advertising strategy should cater to several channels and devices and not just one area of advertising. Video ads will remain one of the most powerful advertising tools, and TV advertisements are projected to increase in the future.


A side hustle can help you get an extra income by using the marketing skills you may have gained throughout the years. Some businesses are willing to pay top dollar for your expert knowledge in advertising and other services.

You can monetize your advertising knowledge by crafting effective Google Ads and running their Facebook ads as a side hustle. You can also offer them services in optimizing their native advertising and online banner ads at a fee.